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Message from the President

Message from the President

Message from the President

Good day! Let us take a breather and enjoy a cup of coffee!

Moving into the City in 1999 for a greener pasture, from internship to an entrepreneur, was indeed a great experience.  Each day passes are enriching. Looking back, I cherish every moment of it. Furthermore, today, I can proudly claim that we are ready to take the company to another level.

Ever since the incorporation of Bayon Heritage, we have embarked on contributing toward bringing safe food to the table. Agriculture is the future; that is how we begin. We aspire to the global call to provide safe food without compromising the importance of caring for and protecting the environment and the ecosystem while elevating the Cambodians’ livelihood. Thus, maximizing safe food supply, securing them against food lost due to pest attack upholds the highest standards in environment and public health safety, which require technology advancement and professionalism in farming practices. To top it all, it has to be readily available and affordable to all walks of life. That is a tall order.

The Bayon Heritage was incorporated in the year 2007 to make all that a reality. Year after year, our success story leaps and bounce to place us where we are now, and personally, I see more and more potentials to tap; we aspire to be a new bench-mark in business administration.  To minimize business risk, we adopted diversification. Success does not come on a silver plate but an achievement through sheer determination, dedication, and commitment from all employees. Human resources development is vital for a company to succeed, which is part of the company culture.

We are already expanding our agricultural dominance by venturing into aquaculture, plantation, and bird-nest soon. To comprehend, the corporation needs to establish a downstream industry to minimize any risk forthcoming, which is also in the pipelines. There is more in store for our fellow Cambodians, and it has taken off the ground. We are now venturing into the property, which emphasizes affordable homes for all Cambodians at large.

We strive to provide and raising the standard of living among fellow Khmer/Cambodian. More in the pipeline, such as Insurance and Micro Financing, ease the Khmer/Cambodian financial constrain while producing safe food. There is more to that; as our contribution to make Cambodia internationally recognize, we are venturing into a Chain of Restaurant serving Khmer/Cambodia cuisines and introducing Khmer/Cambodia culture to the rest of the world.

At the International Front, we already have partners and investors from Japan, the Netherland, and the People Republic of China and welcoming more to participate and invest in Cambodia – the land of opportunity. We are here to facilitate and accommodate all investors for a safe and sound investment in safe food production. We have the wisdom, the knowledge, and experiences that lead to a low-risk investment with a promise of substantial Return of Investment.

To all investors and potential investors, come and discuss who knows we have something to your interest. We thanked you for your undivided support and cooperation in making Bayon Heritage what we are today to all employees. It is our success story which all of you as the leading player.

Thank you.

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A21-A23 (One Park Shop House)

Sangkat Srah Chak, Khan Daun Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel: (855) 23 978 866


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